So It Turns Out…

That I’m not great at this whole regular blog post thing. I’ll try to be better. I’ve gotten so much done since that last post. I started a paranormal romance series full of magic, danger, and romance. The first book SHIELD AND SHADOW is out for submission, and I’m hard at work on the second book FIRE AND RUST. Here’s a little look at the first book and it’s main characters.

Shield And Shadow

Myles and Hadrian. Art by

Myles Wilder shouldn’t be able to perform magic. He’s never even seen someone do it in real life. And yet he’s compelled to enact a blood spell, discovers his hidden past, a new protector, and an enemy he isn’t prepared to encounter.

Shaped by a deeply rooted trauma, Hadrian avoids personal attachments. He channels his feelings into his job and does his best to protect innocent people from conjurors gone bad. When he finds himself abducted by an attractive barefoot younger man in threadbare pajamas, he’s got to figure out what in the hell’s going onβ€”fast. Myles claims he’s not a conjuror, but he’s gotta be. How else could he have completed that spell?

Caught up in a struggle to uncover the threat behind their newfound bond, the friction between them reaches a fevered pitch, and their relationship starts to get personal. Something neither of them is experienced atβ€”or wants. Can they discover who wants Myles dead before it’s too late? What if they can’t keep their hands off each other and their hearts out of it in the meantime?

I’ll be back soon with a post about Fire And Rust.

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