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A.D. Lawless is a bisexual tattoo-junkie with a passion for telling stories. She’s a mid-thirties married mom, a photographer, and a lover of all things paranormal, mystery, and historical romance. From Halifax, Nova Scotia, she (stereotypically) loves walks on the beach, swimming in the ocean, and taking pictures of the same driftwood log every chance she gets. Yes, it’s probably weird. No, she doesn’t care if you think so.

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Breathe Out Slow


When unexpected tragedy strikes, shattering eighteen-year-old Ryan's idyllic life, he does the only thing he can to stay sane… he slaps on a mask, pretends he’s fine, and takes off for college. Week after week, he drifts through school in a bleak half-life. He doesn’t care about anything, or anyone—least of all himself.

Then Liam Doyle hurtles into his life with easy smiles, effortless caring, and those kind hazel eyes that see straight through him. Liam sees him and wants to stick around anyway.

And that… well, that’s terrifying.

Intensely unforgettable, Breathe Out Slow is a heart-rending journey of loss, bittersweet memories, and two incredible love stories.


NineStar Press


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September, 9, 2019

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