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Today I've got some incredibly exciting news, the release date for BREATHE OUT SLOW is official! SEPTEMBER, 9, 2019, you'll be able to read the very first novel I submitted to a publisher. Before MINE FOR CHRISTMAS, there was this. The story that got stuck in my head and set me on my path to becoming a published author. If you like books that take you on a roller coaster of emotion then leave you smiling and hopeful, this one will be right up your alley.

I'm also sending you the very first look at the gorgeous cover Natasha Snow designed for it.

Cover Reveal!


Meet Ryan Nash, lovable disaster in need of someone to pull him from the past he can't change and remind him that real life's worth living.

Are you as in love with the design as I am? Natasha's work is always gorgeous, but she completely blew me away. I'll fully admit I maybe, sort of, okay totally, screamed out loud when I opened the email.

Breathe Out Slow

When unexpected tragedy strikes, shattering eighteen-year-old Ryan's idyllic life, he does the only thing he can to stay sane… he slaps on a mask, pretends he’s fine, and takes off for college. Week after week, he drifts through school in a bleak half-life. He doesn’t care about anything, or anyone—least of all himself.

Then Liam Doyle hurtles into his life with easy smiles, effortless caring, and those kind hazel eyes that see straight through him. Liam sees him and wants to stick around anyway.

And that… well, that’s terrifying.

Intensely unforgettable, Breathe Out Slow is a heart-rending journey of loss, bittersweet memories, and two incredible love stories.

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